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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  October 26, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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field. the giants briefly came out then decided at a meeting it went back into the clubhouse. writing for the national league champions to come out for the two-hour workout scheduled from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.. before the rangers left the field let me show you a little bit of their practice. but the rangers didn't feel try to figure out at&t park where they have never want to read the as 0-9 in this part for what washington. a longtime giants fan he knows what to do in this ballpark. as for the giants giants rangers were the chances. >> you put a hundred dollars and vigorous battle you will probably your money back. it's good for baseball and shore of what people are happy with that but, of you that the rangers the first
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time ever the world series we've been here so long with what and so long. it reaches out to we'll call >> new demographic> of breakos about it's been so long about 1500 regular-season games for lp made the postseason and he's enjoying every bit of it. the whole different hero come back to check with you in a bit as were waiting for the to take the field for their final workout before the first pitch tomorrow afternoon at 457. back to a studio. >> our sports director gary radnich is your duty both teams are nervous? >> shore there going to be nervous. it s s sd be fun and i was hearing something today about get used to let
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your got hear the television ratings are lousy because the yankees are a minute but it's going to be fun but nonetheless get ready everybody is going to sit with the lowest rated world series but for those of uss experiencing it here in the studio it's going to be great. >> fans always have questions for you. >> hereon the 5:00 news >> in gary, i do think people are more excited about the giants of the forty-niners? >> take your shades of with you see people on tv was sunglasses don't you want to say take it off the walls. you come into someone's living room to cut your shades. the point is at of the gigahertz giants let's face it nothing else to look out. if your forty-niner fans years ago giants it's keeping people from far away at least this
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week. >> hey gary could you think of a b b b b b b b b b b bsterer >> the question to read her molina was let go for oppose the jury that i made the mistake if i got philadelphia went and i also said posing look tired and it got four hits. how about this what did theyme buster posl definitely be better than molina. i know. >> i wouldenow your opinion ofhat what to do to adae and is off breaking stuff. >> tomorrow night. he's very good use the best pitcher right now he's gotototototototo0 lifetime record it sounds so simple but you better score, brotherly if you don't score the first few innings of the sky will catch fire and you may not score the rest of
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the game pureed you will hear a lot of guys say score early but against >> this guy is particularly it's probably couldn't come out >> of the slump in the >> you know this designated hitter stuff it'ssssssssssssssss it if you change the rules depending on where you play, here in san francisco national league park the pitcher will hit us. would you go to the american league park they have a d.h. during the early at the wait till it gets to texas as long as everyone is healthy the what to risk his glove in san francisco on what the sky as if a guy looks like a threat out care what he says you up to look like something if they get t t t t tl win the world series? >> to begin to think will
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take as to what end? >> giants will win. after what i did with philadelphia, i thihihihihihihil lensboards some fans sang this could be a regular thing set up it ever discuss with pay gary's and a good christine conley. >> she's didn't buy a lot of it at&t park to say what it will cost t t t t t t t t t t l get you. >> when you're looking o o one e 's hard to tell what you're getting what it agreed to let you have here inside at&t park. we talked with stub hub today to we all figured heads directly what you're going to get for gay want to read the deals
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are and what the viewers like. let's show you. >> the cheapest ticket to a fine for then't have exceeded al its a standing-room-only section that you see right here at ticket for this area will cost route $450 but of course you don't get a seat. for much more you can get a seat here in the left-field is section 3338 and as i pan over here you could see the entire field of your so far are up to collect those are the players down there the kind of looked like ants from the air. sitting in the lower box section take a look of this view you can see the entire field for me here. this is a good price for the view of theeats are going for primo seats the dugout club does he come in right hell is going from around $3,200. take a look from the video you're right behind home
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plate practically on the field. stub hub said most everyone is p p p p p p p p p pa ticket f f f f f f f f f f f f 1 dugout club for $6,000 and that person that she bought two tickets. they did say game to tickets are a little cheaperthanan the processes your sin for game one but you can expect those numbers to go up as it gets closer to the games. >> of course as we've been telling you the world series starts tomorrow at&t park game 2 will be and in san francisco status 34 and if necessary game 5 will all be held in arlington tx. if the world series is not over at that point then the game comes back to san francisco next week of one stand thursdsdsdsdsdsdsdsdsdsdsd kron 4 teaming up to give away a pair of tickets to game one of the world series the amazing seeds are right behind home plate i wish i could get those. all you have to do is tell us in one
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sentence why you are the giants because they go to and church and please include a phone numberererererererererererereres the entries need to be and i love o'clock on wednesday morning. >> the one weather looks tomorrow at&t park for 57 mostlydididion out there today. degrees set by the time the first pitch is thrown out at 57 by e time the game one step. it will be a completely different story thursday as the storm takes aim for the bay area. cloudy:::::::::::: chs conditions as the game progresses this. ill see enough rain for reopen definitely bring your umbrellas and rain gear if you're going terrific buy shares expected and temperatures cooler for this thursday game. 60 degrees at first pitch. will take a look good to protest what halloween weekend all coming up in just a bit.
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>>-a live look outside from not tammy conceit the sun just beginning to go down but still a nice clear evening up their run the bay area. no sign of fog or have the winds died there. watch for news ahead. woman on tv ] if you won't let me in,
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justin to the kron 4 news couchchnd is now facing a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of man who was killed by his big rig who toppled over the bay bridgember.. here is video of the scene the man and the car was killed after losing drove hisck is a traveled west of tbridges . below you can see the damage to the truck there. the lawsuit claims the ascham designed by caltrans served as a " concealed trap for motorists crossing the bay bridge " this is one of dozens that happen along the curving stretch of the bridge in the weeks after was added. sinceeathth dded additional speed warnings and other safety measures >> clearly feel arena is in theospital she's beinggggggggggg for an infection that spread related to breast cancer surgery and reconstruction they're using antibiotics to fight the infection. she had a
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cancelled events today though she does plan to be back on the campaign trail soon the election is one week from today. >> afternoon around the bay arerererererererererererere be seeing really different weather as we head into the overnight at a worse. work what have, winds which will lead to cooler temperatures 33 and that but, 34 in santa rosa are north bay in valleys your cd matures plummet overnight and subject to the frost advisory and fact. the war is location in san francisco at 45 degrees lots of '40's head out to our morning. thegoga frost advisory in the north is the pick of your screen. when's the morning to a.m. to 8:00 a.m. will be in the 30's rock the north bay the sheltered valleys will be subject to the frost advisory. and afternoon temperatures will be mild
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and will have sunny skies again temperatures in the upper 60s inland, los '70's of a 60 in oakland 67 in santa rosaand se come thursday's all going to change. rain tracker rain will push in the nortrtrt bay 3:00 thursday e e e ver at&tpark? i think it e cast is showing it will at 6:00000000000000000000000000000r at&t and lasting through the remainder of the game to readadadadadadadadadadadadad itg crazy temperatures that bring the umbrella and out there. your kron 47 daylllls shall worse persisting the should taper off sunday treating forecast looks dry th tem to chile. >> in world newsgindonesia today they'rerererererererererere deae tsunami and a v v v v v v v v ve for b b b b b b b b b b b b b bs
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and being taken away from the shore line when word of the tsunami hit at 10 ft. tsunami triggered by an earthquake last night has killed a least 113 villagers, as many as 500 others are missing. the 7.7 quick hit off shore. hundred miles away ofc eruptions and indonesia it s killed 18 people and forced thousands of people to evacuate their small amount of homes. scientists are warning the pressure building beneath the mou mean ar blast. the worst recorded eruptions this volcano is back in 1930 when 1300 people were killed.your looking at protests in france this is beginning to look familiar people protesting the hike in retirement age. the word is today the major prorosts by the french labor unions is losing steam the senate voted to roooooooooooooooooooo d
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another come and vote tomorrow is expected to seal the deal. those coverage collectors are going back to work in some oil workers are leaving their picket lines. the world wildlife fund said it keeps finding new species in the amazon. examples include those big otters that you their cud of tarantulas, birds one of thehehehehehehehehehehe intes this pink dolphins. therreally e just a few of the than 1200 species recently discovered in the amazon. loo l l l l l l l l l l park where the giants have taken to theee them stretching getting ready to warm up for this evening's practice. at the rangegegegegege lier this evening the world series game one just undndnd from great help. much more news, sports and weather and traffic ahead.
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ririri collecting trash and protesters started putting their trash in the streets. look at some of these disgusting pictures to read protesters put all the waste in the street you can see no
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cars can gethrough hehehehehehee house in the street in see bags and bags of trash. a lot of people walking around fun covering the nose because the streets are just tras now the europeanith union and their threat india's slaps sanctionsn a belief in the clean up the mess. >> back out s to the giants and the field for running up and stretching getting ready for this evening's practice as they also prepare for game 1 of the world series tomorrow evening. will be back.
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